Happy St. Patrick's Day

I’m part Irish, so when I wear a Kiss Me I’m Irish button or shirt, I’m not lying.

Today is a day where a lot of people let loose, and channel their inner leprechaun, and enjoy themselves at their local pub.

While I don’t condone over drinking (family history of significant alcoholism ), drinking in moderation is ok, but please do not drink and drive.  There’s uber, lyft, taxis, walk (or crawl.)

One of the joys about St. Patrick’s day is the sense of community.  You have a place full of strangers, hugging and singing with each other, celebrating life.

Why do we only do this on March 17th?

We should do this daily.

Life is really good.  Yes you may have struggles (we all do.)

Celebrate life daily.  It’s more fun when you do.

Be safe.