How a Lack of Motivation Could Be Burnout

Photo by Matthew Henry

Photo by Matthew Henry

Do you often lack motivation to do anything?

When you are in a state of burnout, your motivation is nowhere to be found. Often times you wish you could just sit and do nothing (which is ironic, because a great way for you to prevent burnout in the first place is to rediscover boredom, and do nothing.)

Your body is depleted, so any energy your body has, is going to address the damage that stress and burnout is causing. Your emotional well being is damaged as a result, and you end up being extra moody, and possibly show signs of depression.

How you view everything will determine how everything happens in your life.

When you’re stressed, your ability to make clear decisions is more challenging, because your brain is allocating power to deal with the aftermath of stress. Think about it: When you’re tired, and someone asks you a decision on what you would like to dinner, it’s not an easy decision, is it?

Because your brain isn’t fully available to you, because it’s programmed to allocate resources to address what your body is asking for. If your body is in pain, your brain is spending time trying to fix that pain. If you’re tired due to lack of restful sleep, you have aches, so your brain will be focusing on those aches.

See the trend?

Stress takes away your mental and physical energy to function.

You have a choice to be burned out or not. It’s up to you. No pill, person, guru, spiritual leader can change that. It’s on you, boss. Yes, seek guidance and help if you’re highly stressed and/or burned out, because an outside point of view can guide you to the best steps to take, to recover from stress and burnout.

When I was going through my burnout, I was not a nice person. Everyone knew I was burned out except me. I didn’t read the burnout memo. I was short with people, frustrated over little (and big) things, and felt that I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders, both at work and at home. Not a good situation for anyone.

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