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For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been sharing several AWESOME resources with you from podcasting expert Steve Olsher about how to leverage the power of podcasting to generate massive visibility, highly-targeted leads and meaningful revenue… without having to spend a dime to make this happen!

And… my inbox has been flooded with questions about his training, the bonuses that are included and whether or not enrolling in Profiting From Podcasts makes sense for them.

So… I reached out to Steve to chat with him and we compiled a list of the questions I’ve received and his answers are shown below.    

One thing I can tell you for certain is that Steve is the real deal. He’s been online since 1993 and tried darn near every possible method known to humankind to build an online business.


What he’s found over the last two-and-a-half decades is that most marketing methods are either too expensive or too time consuming for the majority of business owners. Far too often these so-called ‘solutions’ fail to deliver a meaningful ROI, if any ROI at all.


Which is why Steve is ALL IN on podcasts because, outside of a few Facebook ads, appearing as a guest on podcasts (and having his own shows) is the ONLY marketing Steve implements to gain the massive visibility that fuels his 7-figure business.


By being a guest on podcasts, you too can appear in front of thousands -- in some cases tens of thousands (or more!) -- of your perfect prospects... on a single show.


Best of all, the podcast host has already done the work of gathering your ideal audience FOR YOU.


Regardless of what your topic is...


… parenting


… business


… health


… nutrition


… pets


… education


… there are numerous shows on that exact topic, which means there are plenty of hosts who have already gathered thousands, even tens of thousands, of ideal prospects for you.


To appear as a guest on shows, you don't need tech skills or a large marketing budget and you can do it from the comfort of your home.


You just have to show up and share your message.


And you can get started today.

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As I said, being a podcast guest is the main marketing and visibility strategy Steve leverages and he runs his 7-figure+ business from home with ZERO full-time employees.


Being a guest on podcasts only takes a couple hours a week and you can use this incredibly powerful, yet greatly under-utilized medium to:


  • Add hundreds or thousands of subscribers to your email list (Steve's list is over 100,000 people and more than 80% of his subscribers found him by being a guest on podcasts)  See *** below

  • Quickly launch any product, program or service

  • Fill your coaching program with high-end clients

  • Share your message without having to host your own event or get on a plane

  • Sell your books

  • And, much more!

*** If you were to use paid advertising to grow your list, you’d easily invest ~ $10+ to secure a SINGLE email subscriber. That translates to Steve having saved over $1,000,000 by NOT having to implement “typical” marketing strategies that most recommend.

And, you better believe that Steve turns his visibility into revenue and will show you how to do it too.

(FUN FACT: Steve’s $1,000 FUNNEL averages about $1,000 in IMMEDIATE INCOME every time he appears on a show. In Steve’s Profiting From Podcasts training, he’ll show you how to create your own $1,000 FUNNEL.)  


I can go on and on, but you get the idea.  :)


However, there’s a right and a wrong way to get booked on shows and far too many will go about getting booked the wrong way and burn bridges that cannot be rebuilt.


To help you land appearances on the shows you want, for a limited time, Steve is offering his personal assistance and will introduce you to 40 of his podcaster friends who are looking for guests JUST LIKE YOU to appear on their high-visibility shows.


This is done through Steve’s Profiting From Podcasts system, the only step-by-step training on the market that shows you precisely what to do to get in front of thousands of your perfect prospects by being a podcast guest.

(In case you haven’t heard, Profiting From Podcasts actually covers BOTH sides of the mic. It is truly the most comprehensive training available for teaching you how to fully leverage the power of podcasts as a guest AND as a host… and is the ONLY training available that walks you by the hand to the front of the line to connect with 40 of the world’s top podcasters at The New Media Summit who will be there for one specific reason… to find guests JUST LIKE YOU to book on their high-visibility shows.)


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Most of Steve’s students recoup their investment by appearing on just 1-2 podcasts and leveraging Steve’s proven $1,000 FUNNEL which will generate $1,000 (or more!) for you EVERY TIME you appear on a show.


In addition to the in-depth training program, LIVE, on-going guidance and support, you’ll also receive almost $7,500 of bonuses including:

  1. Your very own professionally designed MEDIA ONE SHEET created FOR YOU. To get booked on the world’s leading podcasts, you’ll need a professionally designed one sheet. Steve’s team will work with you and create FOR YOU a detailed, beautiful media document that will contain all of the information producers and hosts are looking for when booking guests. No need to try and hunt down a designer or the right template. They’ve created two AWESOME templates you can choose from and they’ll customize it for you with your info. (Value $1,000!)

  2. Access to the new Launch YOUR Podcast online training. This incredibly detailed course takes you step-by-step through EXACTLY what you need to do to create your own podcast if you choose to do so. From concept development and creating a ‘must listen to’ show that serves the needs of your target market, to launching your podcast on the top distribution channels and cultivating a loyal, borderline fanatic following, Launch YOUR Podcast is the ONLY course you’ll ever need to start, launch and monetize your show! (Value $1,497!)

  3. Lifetime listing on Perfect Podcast Guest. Perfect Podcast Guest is the site more producers and hosts turn to when they are looking for guests to feature on their shows. When you enroll in Profiting From Podcasts, you'll be able to set up your professional profile and have a lifetime listing on this growing platform (Value $1,000)


  1. A 20-Minute 1:1 Strategy Session With Steve! Yup. If you’re one of the first 50 to enroll in Profiting From Podcasts, you’ll have 20 minutes to work with Steve directly and he’ll answer your most burning questions or help you lay out a powerful plan of action for getting booked on today’s top podcasts! Steve is typically only available for private coaching for either a ½ or full VIP day and people pay thousands of dollars to join him. When you’re one of the first 50 to enroll in Profiting From Podcasts, you’ll receive Steve’s direct guidance and expertise for FREE. (Value $1,000)...


  1. 1 ticket to attend The New Media Summit! The New Media Summit is the ONLY conference where you’ll not only learn how to leverage and monetize the power of new media but, also, it’s the ONLY event where you are GUARANTEED to meet the hosts and producers of 40 top podcasts and have dedicated time to pitch them on who you are and what you do… and GET BOOKED ON THE SPOT! There’s NO other event like The New Media Summit and, if you’re one of the first 200 to enroll in Profiting From Podcasts, you get to attend for FREE!! (VALUE $2,997)

Combined, the hosts who attend The New Media Summit reach MILLIONS of listeners every single month. Can you imagine the impact having this level of visibility would have on your business? Needless to say, it would be MASSIVE!

A pass to the Summit is sold for $2,997 on its own, and you get to attend at no additional charge if you’re one of the first 200 to enroll!


Please know that your investment is backed by Steve’s guarantee so you can have peace of mind you’re making the right decision.


Go HERE now for details and to enroll 


Now, I mentioned that Steve answered a number of questions I’ve received… questions you might have too… so I took the liberty of creating a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section here.




Question: I’m just starting out and am pretty much “unknown”. Why would the podcasters want to interview ME?


Answer: Most people mistakenly think that a podcast host prefers to interview already famous people. It’s been Steve’s experience that many hosts, especially the more established ones, prefer interviewing undiscovered talent or rising stars because the famous folks are often overexposed.


In the world of podcasts, NOT being famous actually works in your favor, because most hosts take GREAT pride in being among the first to share new stories, tools, tactics, resources and strategies with their audience.


Question: How will I get booked on shows?


Answer: Three ways: 1) Steve will show you exactly what to do to find the hosts and producers who are looking for guests EXACTLY like you. 2) You’ll meet 40 of them IN PERSON at the New Media Summit. And, 3) You’ll get a free lifetime listing on Perfect Podcast Guest - the resource more hosts and producers turn to for finding guests.

Question: Can’t I just hire a booking agency or call up shows and book myself?


Answer: The short answer is YES. Of course you can. Steve is good friends with a number of ‘bookers’ and is happy to recommend several that you can work with. However, even the LEAST expensive agency will cost you THOUSANDS of dollars per month… far more than the Profiting From Podcasts training... and hiring a service won’t include ANY of the bonuses Steve is offering including creating a professionally designed media one sheet FOR YOU, launching your podcast channel on iTunes FOR YOU, and much more.

More importantly, the booking agencies won’t take the time to show you how, or even have the expertise, to guide you to monetize the visibility you’ll receive when you appear on shows.

And, yes, you can certainly try to book yourself on podcasts. However, seldom do cold pitches get people booked and why try to do this on your own and save a few dollars when Steve will literally walk you to the front of the line and give you an unparalleled forum to connect with 40 of today’s top podcasters and get booked on their shows… on the spot?!

Keep in mind that just one appearance will likely pay for your investment many times over and the value of everything else you’ll receive when you enroll in Profiting From Podcasts should make this an easy YES for you.   


Question: How do I know if my message or pitch is compelling?


Answer: This is one of the topics Steve covers early on in the training. He’ll make sure you have a compelling pitch that gets you booked! Plus, you can get further help through the Facebook community and the four pre-event training sessions that Steve conducts prior to The New Media Summit.


Question: I’m not very technical. Can I do this?


Answer: Yes! The great thing about being a podcast guest is that the host does all of the hard work FOR YOU including all the technical stuff you simply don’t need to bother yourself with. You just have to show up and share your message (that’s why you can reach thousands of people in only a couple of hours per week). They take care of EVERYTHING else.  


Question: I’m super busy. Can I do this?


Answer: Yes! See above. If you can carve out just TWO hours per week to appear on shows, you’ll not only secure MASSIVE visibility, once you implement Steve’s $1,000 FUNNEL, you can consistently add $100,000 or more per year to your business. (Do the math -- 2 appearances per week x $1,000 = $2,000. $2,000 x 50 weeks = $100,000!)  


Question: Do I need expensive equipment to make this work?


Answer: No. Steve does recommend investing in a decent USB plug-in microphone (about $50), but you don’t even need this out of the gate. Your phone can ABSOLUTELY suffice as your microphone for now.


Question: How will I know which shows make the most sense for me to appear on?


Answer: Steve’s core training covers this process step-by-step. Plus, he shows you how to position and pitch yourself so that you get booked on the shows YOU WANT to appear on.


Question: Can I make money as a podcast guest?


Answer: In a word, YES. But… you don’t get paid to be a podcast guest.


Making money as a guest requires you to understand how to BOUNCE listeners into your ecosystem so that you can open a dialogue with them and shift them from being passive listeners into being active prospects.


Steve is a master at converting appearances into money. He’ll show you exactly what to do and guide you to create your very own $1,000 FUNNEL that converts EVERY TIME you appear on a show.


Question: How does appearing on shows help me grow my business?


Answer: First and foremost, appearing as a guest elevates your credibility, authority and visibility. These are three crucial steps on the path towards building the ever-important know, like and trust factor with prospects. Steve shows you precisely how to expedite this process. And, once people know, like and trust you, selling books, enrolling coaching clients, filling live events and more is a breeze.


Question: How much time does it take to prepare for each show and conduct an interview?


Answer: Unlike radio and television appearances that average approximately four minutes, the average podcast interview is 62 minutes! This provides ample time to share your mission and message and develop rapport with listeners. Before your interview, we do recommend listening to an episode (or two!) to get a sense of what the show is about and how to best position your expertise as it relates to the show flow. You can easily get a sense of what a show is all about in just a few minutes.


So… the long answer to your question is to allocate an hour for the interview plus any time you invest listening to other episodes.  


Question: What if I enroll in Profiting From Podcasts or go to The New Media Summit and don’t get booked on shows?


Answer: If you follow Steve’s step-by-step training, you WILL get booked. EVERYONE who attends The New Media Summit leaves with bookings in hand. And, EVERYONE who implements Steve’s teachings gets booked on shows that they pitch. That said, you won’t get booked on every show you pitch. That’s a simple fact. You will, however, get booked on shows that are perfect for you and, if getting booked is proving to be difficult, Steve and his team are there to help you. Between the pre-event training and the Facebook group, you’ll always have access to people who can answer your questions and support you.


Question: Is there a money-back guarantee?


Answer: Yes. Steve does offer guarantee that, if you’ve joined him for ALL the live training sessions, experienced all the training modules, taken advantage of the bonuses you’ll receive and guested on shows following the procedures Steve teaches, you find that you are not profiting from podcasts, simply contact Steve’s team within 30 days of your final coaching call with proof of participation and they’ll offer you a full refund.


Whew! I think that’s all the FAQs.


==> But, if we missed something and you still have questions, please send Steve an email -- (yes, that’s his PERSONAL email) -- and he’ll get your question answered ASAP.


Ok… Are you ready to reach thousands of ideal prospects and secure the visibility you deserve??

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I look forward to hearing about your success!




P.S. Please remember that Profiting From Podcasts closes to new students at midnight on November 20 and won’t reopen to new students until sometime next year.

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I believe in you, and want you to have ultimate success in 2019!