Incredible gift idea that will melt hearts & score major points

It's approaching the Holiday Season, and time for you to think about gifts for the people in your life.

A music group that are friends of mine are offering something so unique and inspiring as a gift that I just HAD to share with you! I've rarely, if ever, heard of this until now. 

They write and record custom songs for couples, special occasions, celebrations, holidays, graduations, and ANYTHING Else! 

Then they can create a CD out of it, include a "platinum album" music industry plaque with
engraved song lyrics, and they can even sing your personal song live at your wedding, 
engagement, anniversary, birthday, etc. 

They also write songs for speakers, authors, and businesses to inspire their employees
and clients!

I thought you may want to give your partner, family, and/or friend/s, the surprise of their lives! 

You will be so touched when you read their testimonials.

My friends told me that they have only a few spots left for anyone wanting to order a custom song within the next few weeks. 

To hear song samples and find out more, click 

To watch music videos of some of the songs along with more info, click

To find out about pricing, reply and I’ll have them send that info to me, or I can have them send it to you directly to you through email or any method you want, please reply and let me know!

Below are a few testimonials that I couldn't resist sharing.


"The most romantic gift I’ve ever gotten!!” 

-Raelynn Leah

“It’s mind blowing what A.J. and Tara deliver! 

They are Top Notch songwriters, singers, and recording artists.” 

-Ralph Forrester

“Amazingly inspiring for speakers, authors, and seminar leaders!" 

-Sophie Stevenson

"This song took my brand up a level! It’s now used in my videos, webinars, seminars, and live events!" 

-Ivan Stevy



You have to see check this all out! Click


Watch more about it all, Click

So what do you think?! Reply and let me know, thanks! 

P.S. They write songs year round so if you're not looking for a custom song gift right now, think about when in the future you could use a custom song and keep in touch!