How To Work Hard Without Killing Yourself

Source:  Tiny Buddha

Source:  Tiny Buddha

Many of you know that I gave my all before my cardiac event.  Here's how to make large contributions without killing yourself.

Society is dealing with the aftermath of helicopter parenting.  Click here for tips to help prevent it from happening.

Diabetes is increasing at a rapid rate.  Here's some foods that will curb the sugar cravings.

You know I'm all about Breakfast (, hello!) These tips help you have a proper start to your day.

Speaking of waking up, here's a question to ask yourself every morning.


Do you want a better start to your day? I have a free e-book on six easy steps to a better day, that I personally follow after I experienced a significant health scare. If you would like this free e-book, please click the link below.

Six Steps to a great Morning (Besides coffee)