How To Delegate, for Those Of Us That Don't Know How


One of the many challenges I had that led to my Year of Worst-Case Scenarios was the inability to delegate tasks to others.

I wanted to do it all, because I didn't want anything to fall through the cracks, and create problems.  Let's say I'm a big fan of preventing conflict.

Doing this basically made me the mule.  I carried EVERYTHING.   I cannot do everything, nor can you.  

After my 369 Days, I knew I had to change how I conducted my work and personal life.  Delegation was something I need to learn more about, and learn how to implement in my life.

I started by hiring smarter people, that could take on the tasks that I suck at.  I'm awesome in a lot of things, but there are things that I absolutely should not be doing.  

Scheduling others is one area that I should avoid.  I drains my will to live, when trying to schedule staff members.  Myself?  I love controlling my calendars (Day Job and, so that is something that I still control.

My assistant at my Day Job has reminded me (more than once) that they should manage my work e-mail, and just have me look at email for a specific email.  I've resisted this because I'm really good at getting to "Inbox Zero" mode.  It's almost a game to me.

But checking emails constantly is one of the areas that got me into trouble, and let to my 369 Days.  

So this afternoon, I came to a handshake agreement with my assistant that I would no longer be responsible for my Day Job emails.  It's all on her.  I've delegated email.

Finally cleared the Day Job email hurdle.  November 14, 2017.

Finally cleared the Day Job email hurdle.  November 14, 2017.

Now I can focus more time on the Day Job work that only I can work on, and after hours my work, that will serve my clients.

What's a hurdle you're struggling with?  Reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook, and let me know, so we can figure out how to get you past that hurdle for good!


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