Find Your Why



Simon Sinek's classic book Start With Why (Yes, I feel it's a classic, based on the number of books that reference Simon's work) eloquently grabs your attention, by helping you find what inspires you, and why you should focus on that.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have prepared for a speech to a group of epic people, in a hotel conference room in Orlando, (I miss that weather!  Currently 25 degrees Fahrenheit as I type this note), flew down to Florida, spent a few days with my parents to celebrate their 51st wedding anniversary, and connected with fellow thought leaders, that are discovering their why.

After that epic weekend, I'm back to my J.O.B. and fighting the temptation to get back into the rut of the 9-to-5 world that I (currently) find myself in.

I know I'm supposed to do something different.  Signs are a plenty, and I'm taking the steps to follow those prompts.  I have great coaches that are guiding me, so that I can guide you.

What's your Why?  Let me help you find it.  Send me a note or connect with me on Twitter or Facebook