4 Mistakes You're Making on Amazon, and other posts this week

Get your copy today!   http://bit.ly/369DaysBook

Get your copy today!  http://bit.ly/369DaysBook

Here's the Breakfast Leadership inspired posts that will help you this week:

How to handle criticism like a pro.

Learning how to take advice can be difficult, if not near impossible for some.  We all want to do our best, so when we receive criticism, it can sting like a knife cut.  As a leader, be prepared to receive criticism often.  The key is to discern the criticism as being either constructive, or destructive.  

What's worked for me is to listen to the commentary (or read if it's an e-mail or written response to something you've said or written), and then pause.  Don't initially react.  Take the information, thank the person for their input, and respond if a response is warranted.  

Five Office Hacks for The Fall

Those familiar with my work know that I'm a planner.  My calendar is part of my DNA, and I schedule most aspects of my life.  For me, this allows me (almost) complete control of my life and what I know needs to be done.  These tips are great to do when starting a new season, or even a new week!

Four Mistakes You're Probably Making on Amazon

I'm an Amazon Prime member.  Much like Costco, I recoup the membership savings through the cost savings on some items, as well as the "free shipping."  Don't forget the TV shows on Prime.

I'm also using the Subscription service, so my toilet paper and mouthwash gets delivered to me every month.  Yes, I have TP delivered.  We live in wonderful times.  I'm not so lazy that I can't go to the store and buy my TP, but when you're trying to maximize your time and what you do with your life, would you rather spend time doing something that helps you grow, or spend time in the store buying toilet paper?  I rest my case.  


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Six Steps to a great Morning (Besides coffee)