Why Mindfulness matters and other Useful Links

How To Balance Family & Creativity This article from Author Sara Alexander touches on the challenges when you are working on home and work life.  As someone in start-up mode of a practice, webinars, calls, etc are not in the normal 9-5 arena.  Having loved ones that understand this challenge is most helpful.

How Mindfulness Beats Stress and Job Burnout Wow, I wish I would've known about Mindfulness 8 years ago.  Maybe I would have avoided 369 Days.  I cannot stress enough (pardon the pun there) the impact stress and job burnout has on your bodies.  

Speaking of mindfulness, mindfulness is an art.  A great article from John Parrott on why Mindfulness matters.

Follow These 7 Steps To Be Successful Another article that mentions Mindfulness.  I'm noticing a trend here.

"I always feel like, somebody's watching me" Interesting post on what to do if you feel you're being set up to fail.

Speaking of Looking For A New Gig:  Don't start your job search without reading this first.

How to Heal the "Fear of Missing Out", aka FOMO FOMO attacks boundaries.  This post shows you how to get past them.


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Six Steps to a great Morning (Besides coffee)