30 Days of Boundaries Day 21: Triage Your Calendar Again

Photo by Richard Revel from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/white-toilet-paper-191845/

Photo by Richard Revel from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/white-toilet-paper-191845/

Welcome back. I want to talk to you about triaging your calendar. I've talked about this before but, specifically, I want to talk about looking for opportunities to automate things that you do in your life.

Every day we have things that we have to do. We have to eat, we have to sleep, we have to take care of ourselves, brush our teeth, all of those things, but there are other things that we do day after day that take time, and when you're trying to focus on the things that are important to you and the things that you want to accomplish in your life, you want to make sure that you're spending the proper amount of time on those things and less time on the routine stuff, if at all possible.

The exercise we've gone through before is looking at your calendar and figuring out how you're spending your time. There's many ways to do this, and reach out to me because I have a system that can help you really get down deep into how you spend your time and you can figure out a way to make life easier for you.

Today I want to talk about automating tasks and batching things that you work on from time to time, or every day, or every week. Once you know what those things are, if you can, delegate them. If you can't, at least be specific on when you do it and really schedule things. Get comfortable with doing things routinely at the same time every day, or every week, because it'll become part of you, it'll be automatic, you won't have to think about it.

This is one of those things where we like to call a life hack that I've discovered over the last few months and I really wish I would've jumped on it before. It's called Amazon Subscribe and Save. I should probably put an affiliate link here for people to sign up, because this is a life-changing thing.

There are so many things that you can order on Amazon that will routinely get delivered to your home on a scheduled basis, every month, or every couple of months, depending on what it is. This is going to make you laugh, but I have my toilet paper delivered to me. Now, once you pick yourself up off the floor you're going to realize this is actually a brilliant idea. Why should I spend time going to a store, doing what I do in my career, standing in lines and buying something that I use daily? The cost is actually affordable, plus factor in the time, okay?

There's other services depending where you live: grocery delivery as an example. It's getting easier and easier for you to have things brought to you. By doing this, it actually enables you to spend more time on doing things that's going to grow you or things that you enjoy. I'm not sure of many people that actually enjoy going to the grocery store. I used to work at one years ago so I don't have an allergic reaction to grocery stores, but if there's a way for someone to do that work for me and bring it to me, or go shop for me and then I pay five bucks and they bring it out to my vehicle and then I drive home and unpack it, sign me up. Because, again, you're spending time on things that are important to you and not the boring tasks that you can automate.

Look at your calendar, look at the things that you're doing and see if there's anything there that could be automated or delegated or just deleted. When you do this you're going to find yourself having more time. When you have more time, you can do things that are important, like relaxing, reflecting, growing, so many opportunities.

Till tomorrow, be well.