30 Days of Boundaries: Day 3 - Design Your Ideal Day

Photo by  Khaled Reese  from Pexels

Photo by Khaled Reese from Pexels

Are you living your ideal day today? I am. I'm writing this on a Saturday, so Saturdays have always been my favorite day. A lot of times, what I find is Saturdays are those days where you don't necessarily have to set your alarm, unless you work, then of course I kind of recommend you do that, unless you can wake up naturally without an alarm. Those people are unique, for sure. But at the end of the day you want to make sure that every day is a day that you actually enjoy and that's why designing your days is so important.

It's important to have boundaries in your life to design the days the way that you want them. Yes, you have obligations and responsibilities for work and in life, if you're a parent, your children need you to be able to do some things that you have to do. And you can line up your days around those responsibilities, but by no means does that mean you have to go and completely give up your life and not enjoy the life that you want to enjoy. For years, I was constantly going at it. Working long hours on email constantly, working, working, working, and of course, it led to the 369 of worst case scenarios in my life. I've learned from that and it frustrates me to see so many of us in that same zone. They're still working, they're still doing all of these things and they're trying to accomplish so much and what's happening is you're not accomplishing anywhere near what you could because there's a lack of focus and a lack of design in your daily lives. We've all gone on autopilot.

Things that you can do that I find helpful is literally have a theme for every one of your days. Mondays, not exactly everyone's favorite, but you should have a theme of what you want to do on a Monday. Same thing for a Tuesday through Friday and your weekends as well. Design them. Have two or three things that you know you want to work on or do on a particular day. When you do that you're gonna get a rhythm of about how you do things. You're gonna get to the point where you look forward to days not just looking forward to the weekend. You look forward to a Tuesday or a Wednesday if there's something particular that you like doing on those days.

I know I asked you this in yesterday's post as well, but I want you to really focus on what your ideal day and week would look like and start thinking about that. If you need some assistance, let me know and we can help you guide how to design your days. But ultimately what you want to get from this exercise is the ability to be able to get to the end of your day and feel like you had a great day, you accomplished what you wanted to accomplish and then some. Leave your comments below on some of the things that you do to make your days go well and if you're struggling with those things then we can figure out a way to help improve that.