Pre-Emptive Strike Leadership: The Hallmark of a Pre-Emptive Strike Leader

A revolution is required in leadership that recognizes the time is upon us and we must respond to a workforce that is very different from the ones that have come before.  True leadership will recognize the sea change and take advantage of the opportunity to transform their organizations in ways that will leave them thriving for decades to come.

The behavior that engenders the emotionally safest workplace for employees is one where the person in charge leads as a steward, rather than as an executive or manager.  True leaders operate from a place of understanding human behavior and interpersonal relationships; they foster and facilitate communication and interactions that are open and welcoming.  Leaders make decisions that consider the whole, and not just the pieces.  Leaders model behavior that communicates to everyone that they are valued.  Leaders don’t manage people; they motivate them. Leaders take a bottom-up approach instead of top-down.  Leaders are not rigid or myopic and do not demand structure and compliance.  Leaders take the long view and recognize that to create a culture of emotional safety is to create an organization that has the least risk, liability, cost and distraction.

So, ask yourself the question - what kind of leader are you?

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