How Your Energy Impacts Your Ability to Accomplish Your Goals

Photo by  Filip Mroz  on  Unsplash

Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash

How's your energy? How many cups of coffee have you had? Or tea? Or Red Bull? Or X-hour Energy? 

You're going to crash at some point and you know that. I know that. Happens every day for you. There's better ways to get energy and I'll talk about that at future episodes, especially on some things that I've changed in my life that has allowed me to have consistent high energy throughout the day and some incredible sleep-filled nights. So, stay tuned for that information and the guests that I'll interview that will talk more about it and the impact that it's made on my life.

But today I want to talk to you about more about matching your energy to the work that you do. Too often, we try to do tasks and things that are not in alignment with our energy levels. I'm a morning person, so I load up my mornings with tasks and things that I want to do for that day. Now, by load up, let me rephrase that. Because remember, I'm the boundaries and burnout guy, so the last thing I wanna do is overload my day. 'Cause guess what's that's going to happen? Or what it's going to cause? It's going to cause stress and burnout. 

Been there, done that. Got the two stents in my heart to prove it. But what I do is I pick two or three things that are important for me to accomplish for that day. And I focus on those two or three things only. Okay, yes, emergencies come up, things you've gotta deal with. Great. Deal with it, but then return back to these two or three things. You may not finish them today. I'm not saying you're going to have a thing that's only going to take an hour to finish. But if you do, get those off your to-do list, because guess what? Then it's done and over with. 

But what you need to do is pick two or three things that are important, those are going to help to move you and the organization that you work for or serve better. Do those. Get those done. Finish. If you need to, go buy Jon Acuff's book Finish. It's an amazing book and it's amazing how many people don't finish. But go do that.   I am not an affiliate of Jon's, but if Jon's reading this, you can make check payable to Michael Levitt. 

Anyhoo, it's important for you to match your tasks with your energy levels. So, as I said, I do tasks in the morning and in the afternoon I try to schedule, or schedule depending on what part of the planet you're from, any meetings, follow-ups, whatnot. Because I'm in a different physical and mental state in the afternoon and I can be more in-tuned with people because I know that the things that I wanted to get done that day, and move forward, I've done. So that way when I'm in the meetings, I'm more attentive and I can listen and provide true value to the people that I'm speaking with, whether it's in a meeting, phone call, coffee shop, you name it.

Find your energy levels, where they are throughout the day, and match them up with the work that you need to do. And once you've synergized those things, you're going to realize how much reduced your stress levels are because you're not going against the grain. I have worksheets that I can help you with them that. So if you're interested in those, just go to and down at the bottom there's a area where you can send in a question and just type in that you would like the info sheets on how to track your energy levels.

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And until next time, be well.

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