How Your Impaired Memory Could Be Burnout

Photo by  Kendal James  on  Unsplash

Are you forgetful?

“Where did I put my keys?”

“What time is my meeting with Kristin?”

“What do I need from the grocery store again?”

“Where did I park?”

“Did I lock the house before I left?”

“Did I leave the curling iron plugged in?” *Note: Not something the author has to ask himself

We’ve all asked ourselves those questions, and those questions are typically caused by our minds being somewhere else. A lack of being present creates these types of questions, and the key question to ask yourself is why aren’t you present?

Our minds tend to go to negative/protective mode (Thanks Amygdala), so without proper training our thoughts go to places other than where we physically are at that moment.

Thinking about work when you’re at home. Thinking about home issues when you are at work. We rarely are present in our thoughts.

I saw a post on Facebook the other day about grounding exercises (to mentally ground yourself, not the grounding you earned as a child.). It basically said this:

  • Look at 4 things you can physically see

  • Touch 3 things you can touch

  • Smell 2 things you can smell

  • Listen to noises you can hear

Sweet exercise, because it forces you to be where you are. When your mind is racing, I highly recommend these 4 steps.

When your mind is constantly processing, your brain is using energy to address those thoughts and subsequent physical feelings with those thoughts. The more stressful thoughts, the more physical stress on your body. Prolonged stress leads to burnout.

Your forgetfulness might be a sign of pending burnout. Reach out to me for guidance on how to prevent burnout from happening.