How Daylight Savings Time Contributes to Stress and Burnout

Photo by  chuttersnap  on  Unsplash

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

Daylight savings time (DST) has arrived.  We “lose” an hour of sleep, and gain an hour of daylight.  

 For those that live in cold climates, an extra hour of light, even if it’s cold outside is a welcome change.

 However, that hour shift in time can mess with our sleep patterns and internal clocks, as well as cause internal strife if we are an hour late to appointments or engagements.

 Imagine showing up an hour late into a movie.  That would suck, right?

 We’ve seen studies how heart attacks after DST increase by 10%.  That’s alarming, and since I’ve had a heart attack, I feel for those additional 10% that experience that life-changing event.

 Even with more digital devices that automatically change the time on our devices (computers/phones/etc.) there are still some items (stove, microwave, car stereo) that will be an hour off when you see them.  Constant nagging reminders that are inputs to increasing stress (especially if you forget how to change the time on those devices.)

 How do you reduce the stress of DST?

·     Go to bed earlier the night that DST starts.  Don’t lose that hour of sleep.  Go to bed earlier that night.  If you can’t go to bed an hour earlier, at least try 30 minutes.  Minimize the sleep impact of DST.

·     Keep to your morning routine.  A consistent routine to start your days creates successful days.  Grab my free ebook on Successful Mornings here.

·     Eat healthy. Your energy levels will be out of sorts due to DST, so putting proper fuel in your body will help combat the side effects of DST.

·     Get outside. Breathe fresh air, and go for a long walk.  Your body will thank you for it.

·     Be alert! Monday and Tuesday morning after DST tends to have a lot of auto accidents, so pace yourself, keep your distance, and stop using your iBinky when you drive!

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