Why Channelling Your Inner Weekend Daily Will Help Prevent Burnout

Is it the weekend yet?

Is it the weekend yet?

I’m writing this post on a laptop, sitting outside on a partly sunny day. Listening to Sammy Hagar’s No Worries which should be all of our life goals.

Yet, I see way too many people up to their eyebrows in stress, worries, angst, pain, etc.

Instagram has no shortage of TGIF and FriYAY posts. We’re all racing to the weekend. Two days of trying to jam in fun, to-dos, etc.

Ever wonder why your significant other gets bent about errands taking too long? It’s because they want to relax to unwind from the work-week. Shopping for clothes, fishing gear, etc is not how they had planned on spending their Saturdays.

If you can negotiate how you spend your weekends with your significant other, you can gain more of that “relaxation” time that you have been craving all week.

What if you had relaxation time built into your whole week instead?

Impossible you say?

Let’s imagine you did something you enjoy every day. Do you think that would make your day a tiny bit better?

If you said yes, then there’s an exercise that will help. I’ll get back to you in a minute.

If you said no, that doing something you enjoy on a daily basis wouldn’t make your days better, then you may be burned out. You should reach out to me directly to further discuss this.

No matter if you said yes or no, there’s a free resource I offer to help you figure out what you enjoy.

At BreakfastLeadership.com/bucket There’s a worksheet to download, that will help you list out all of the things you enjoy.

On the left side of that worksheet, list out all the things you enjoy doing. Be as robust as possible. These are things/activities that bring you happiness, peace, joy.

On the right side of those listed items, write down the last time you partook in those activities. (insert collective moans here.)

People wait to the weekend to enjoy their lives. This HAS to stop. You need to enjoy EVERY DAY.

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