How Personal Boundaries Can Prevent Trouble Down The Road

I talk about boundaries and burnout on my blog, other media sites and my podcast.

Personal boundaries are important to protect yourself from harm. Both harm that others can do to you because of their own issues/agendas/etc, and the harm you do to yourself, especially if you’re a people pleaser.

“It seemed like a good idea at the time” is often associated with times of regret, pain, suffering. A decision to move to a more expensive area, when your finances are still a mess from the last layoff/move, getting a car loan when a used car that you can pay cash for is the better financial choice, or taking that job simply because it paid more, but was a toxic environment are just a few of the examples I hear (and have experienced myself) over time.

At work, not having boundaries about your hours of availability is a direct violation of your personal time and space. Would you go into the office at 11pm to work? Then why are you answering a work email at 11pm? Organization’s definition of “emergency” is way off. There are very few legitimate reasons to be contacted by your employer after hours. Employers need to hire night staff if the work is truly required after hours.

There’s a reason workplace cultures are suffering. People are tired and burned out, because there’s a significant lack of boundaries around the work itself, and when it’s expected to be performed.

When you lack personal boundaries, you are giving away control of your life. Do you want your boss, lover, friend, etc to control your life? Or do you want to be the pilot of the company called YOU?

It’s your choice. Choose wisely.

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