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4 Winning Posts I found Interesting

Hope you have had a great weekend, and are excited for the week ahead.  Be sure to refer to my Successful Morning checklist, to get a great start.  If you don't have that checklist, sign up to my e-mail by providing your email address on my home page.

Here's some posts I've seen over the past few days that I thought you'd like.  Cheers!

Better Than It Needs To Be By Seth Godin.  If you're not subscribing to Seth's blog, you should.  He blogs every day, and his posts often challenge you into becoming better.

17 Ideas for the modern world of work by Seth's AltMBA program.  See what I meant, by Seth challenging you?

Why Exercise makes us happy by Skip Pritchard.  There's countless posts on exercising and improving your health.  Happiness does wonders for you, and how you lead your life!

How to have a great vacation by Barking Up The Wrong Tree.  I keep reading stories about how people don't take vacations.  Why not?  Get away from it all, people.

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Six Steps to a great Morning (Besides coffee)


Triage your Calendar

In my Create your Successful Morning e-book (available for free, when you sign up on, I talk about several tips to make your day start off great.  

If I had to pick my favourite (favorite for my American brethren) tip, it would be to triage your calendar.




When I began my career, I played an accountant. In that role, I would provide services to clients, and I had to track our time, down to 15 minute increments (one firm I worked for billed in 12 min increments.) It’s a habit that many would hate, but I keep track of every day, using a calendar on my laptop that syncs across my devices. I look at my calendar frequently (maybe too frequently), to see what I’ve worked on, and what’s next on my plate.

For a successful day, you should look at the next day the night before. This will mentally prepare you (or scare you) of what you have to face the next day. I also suggest looking at a week view of your calendar, to allow you to batch like-items together (when possible.)

A deeper subject is when to schedule tasks, meetings, and so forth through your day. Most of us in management do have some flexibility on our schedules, but even if you are front lines, you can work with your bosses to establish the best times to meet. My next book on making your schedule match your inner life with go deeper into this subject, with tools on how to discover the best times to perform tasks, hold meetings, and down time, to stay in rhythm with your soul. 

Be well!

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How's Those Resolutions Working Out?

January 14th.  2 full weeks into 2017.  How's 2k17 treating you?  

Has your life dramatically changed?  

Have you developed new habits?  

Still going to the gym?  

Changed your diet?

Why is changing things so difficult?

 Because it's taken years to build the current version of you.  You're not going to change a full-sized SUV into a Mini in two weeks.  Things take time.

Each day try to make a little improvement in yourself.  Repeat this step each day.

If you improve yourself just 1% daily, in just over 3 months you'll see a 100% improvement.

May momentum be forever in your favor (Favour for my Canadian Brethren.)

Be well!

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Forgotten Leadership Lessons from Halloween



Today is Halloween, and later on today, there will be millions of little (and not so little) kids canvasing your neighborhood (neighbourhood for my Canadian brethren), asking for candy treats.

Obviously please be careful driving around tonight, as kids are typically in costumes and they may not have the best of vision (when do they?) if wearing masks or makeup.  

Children at Halloween can remind us of a variety of life and leadership lessons, that we've forgotten as we put away our Jack-o-lantern buckets and bags.

1. You can be whomever you want to be.

Halloween is great for kids, because they can dress up as their favorite (Favourite) characters or people.  Thanks to my parents, I was able to dress up as Robin, Captain America, Shazam, Mork (from Ork), Darth Vader, etc.  As a kid at Halloween, you can be whomever you want. 

Lord Vader

Lord Vader


As an adult, you can be whomever you want to be as well.  It's not too late to become who you want to be.  It will take work, just like it took my parents to make my various costumes.  The end result however is priceless.

2.  Creativity allows for growth.

Your Halloween costume shows your creative side.  You put your energy into your creation and become that character, through your unique creativity.  

In adult world, you should use creativity every day.  Make every day your masterpiece.  Even if you feel your job is dull, and doesn't allow for creativity, I beg to differ.  You can create anything in your life.

3.  Courage to approach complete strangers.

Kids will go up to houses and ask people to give them candy.  Think about this for a moment.  Going up to complete strangers, and asking them for something, without giving them anything in return.

Try doing that in Times Square, and you'll get your ass beat, or at minimum some quite colorful (colourful) response.  I wish it wasn't that way.  We don't communicate enough with people.  Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat is a form of communication, but it's not real, physical communication.  

I hope you get all your favorite candy tonight. 

Be well!