Rat Race

Rat Race 2017 Style

Source: http://cdn.toonvectors.com/images/13/8356/toonvectors-8356-940.jpg

Source: http://cdn.toonvectors.com/images/13/8356/toonvectors-8356-940.jpg

I'm sitting in a Tim Hortons near my home this morning, actually consuming my breakfast at the location. Many others are in the drive thru and will likely inhale their morning meal on their commute to their destination (guessing work.)

Why did we allow breakfast time at the table to go the way of the dodo bird?  Why are we rushing?

Aren't there efficiencies in our world, that buys us time?  Or are we so burdened with debt and stuff, that we have to rush like rats, scurrying around looking for our next to do item?

It's 2017, in case you were unaware of the new calendar in your kitchen. 

I have 3 big goals for this year, and part of each goal is a component of doing less. Say no more. Bow out of meetings that I do not need to attend. 

I looked at my 2016 calendar, and I'm one of those anal blokes that keeps track of their daily activities. I ate pho for lunch on December 7th. What did you have for lunch that day? Does it matter? Maybe, if you are keepers of a food journal. 

Anyhoo, last January I was in 50 meetings. Yes. 50. February was approaching that same number. I realized that was not sustainable if I was going to live to see 2017. 

So I stepped down from a couple volunteering roles. Meetings dropped a bit, but I was still busy. 

Next was to triage my calendar, and find out when I'm my most productive. Mornings work best for me, so I purposely avoid meetings if at all possible in the mornings. 

It's made a huge difference in my ability to focus on tasks. 

Multitasking needs to die. Society needs to support more people working, to prevent burnout. 

Watching people in the drive thru. They look like life has been sucked out of them. It's Wednesday after a holiday. The Rat Race is alive and well.