Do We Have a A Reset Button?



Do you have a reset button?  Where I'm going here is not along my typical "reboot your life", or change your life circumstances, but a button that makes you forget things, even though you shouldn't?

I'm writing this as our area prepares for "Snowmageddon" or a snow storm, that will likely bring us anywhere from 6 to 10 inches (15 to 25 cm) of snow.  People are freaking out about getting snow.

It's March.  We've had snow this winter.  We tend to have snow every winter.  Part of the deal.  People seem to forget how to drive in snow, or how to deal with things that they should know how to do by now.

People seem to be more worked up about the littlest of things.  I'm not belittling the challenges that people face.  I've had plenty in my life.  The key is to focus on the positives of things, or persevere through whatever you might be facing, and you'll come out ok.

It's going to snow during the winter.  Drive slower, take your time, get up earlier if you need to be at work at a certain time.  Adjust to the situations, and stop blaming the situation.  This goes for snow storms, and any other "storms" you're facing in life.