What Canada Day Means To Me


I moved to Canada on Canada Day Weekend in 2004.  So my life as a Canadian resident just hit teenage years ;)

Growing up in Southeast Michigan, I was very familiar with the Canadian way of life, having spent a lot of time in Windsor, as well as several trips to Toronto (my home, today.)   I watched Hockey Night in Canada before Cable TV was available, and would watch CBC if there was a significant world event happening, to get the international take on the event.

My American brethren often ask me what life is like in Canada.  After the obligatory igloo and poutine jokes are done, I'll simply comment it's similar to living in the States, but different.

It's much different.  The way of life here is a better match for me and my values than where I'm originally from.  Less political strife here.  

Today is a day where Canada unites and celebrates 150 years of Confederation.  As Prime Minister Trudeau said, Canada has been around a lot longer than 150 years.  Yes, we have our issues, but we're working through them.  Things take time.  

To my Canadian family and friends, Happy Dominion Day.  Be well!