Why Change Is Hard



Why do people avoid change?  Why do what on the surface seems like simple changes, cause such angst and fear?

Is it the unknown?  Did previous changes cause significant harm?  Are you too comfortable?

If society didn't change, the car you drove to work in today, wouldn't exist.  The computer or smart phone you're reading this post on wouldn't exist.  The keyboard I'm typing on (bluetooth, connecting to my MacBook) wouldn't exist.  The music I'm listening to on XM/Sirius Radio wouldn't exist.  Your ancestors wouldn't have had the opportunity to move and meet, therefore you wouldn't exist.

Change is necessary.  Change = growth.  Change means something could be better.  When you ask people would. you like things to be better, I'm guessing people wouldn't outright say no.

Many people gravitate to the status quo.  Going through the motions, because other aspects of their lives are in flux.  Maybe there's changes going on at home, their love live, health, who knows?  So when you roll out changes either at home or the work environment, there will be a natural defense to resist.  

I anticipate there will be significant changes in the world over the next few years.  Look back 10 years.  Have we changed since then?  Of course we have.  Guess what, change is as natural as breathing, as long as you embrace changes and focus on the positive outcomes.

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Be well!

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How's Those Resolutions Working Out?

January 14th.  2 full weeks into 2017.  How's 2k17 treating you?  

Has your life dramatically changed?  

Have you developed new habits?  

Still going to the gym?  

Changed your diet?

Why is changing things so difficult?

 Because it's taken years to build the current version of you.  You're not going to change a full-sized SUV into a Mini in two weeks.  Things take time.

Each day try to make a little improvement in yourself.  Repeat this step each day.

If you improve yourself just 1% daily, in just over 3 months you'll see a 100% improvement.

May momentum be forever in your favor (Favour for my Canadian Brethren.)

Be well!

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