College Life

In the “time flies” department, I put a deposit on my oldest daughter’s dorm room application yesterday.


Dorm room.  


Adult child.  



From holding her in my arms for the first time, to taking her to see Blues Clues at the Rosemont Theater, to finally getting the Justice League (Animated, not live action) Wonder Woman action figure in the mail, to giving a college money, for a place that my daughter will live in this fall, time truly has flown by.

We go through the motions of living more often than we should.  Our day-to-day responsibilities eat up way too much time, and we end up blinking, and then our kids start college life.

When time passes by, it’s often a time where you regret not spending more time on the things that are important.  

As a parent, the best thing we can do is be the best parent for our children, factoring in the circumstances that arise during those development years.  Of course upon reflection I wish that some things were done differently, but the focus is, and should always be on the outcome of your children’s lives.

I’m so proud of my daughters, and the people they are becoming.  I am fortunate to have awesome, loving parents, and my hope is that my daughters feel the same way about me.

So if you have children that are graduating this year, and heading off to college, I feel your pain.  It will be ok.  I promise.