4 Winning Posts I found Interesting

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Here's some posts I've seen over the past few days that I thought you'd like.  Cheers!

Better Than It Needs To Be By Seth Godin.  If you're not subscribing to Seth's blog, you should.  He blogs every day, and his posts often challenge you into becoming better.

17 Ideas for the modern world of work by Seth's AltMBA program.  See what I meant, by Seth challenging you?

Why Exercise makes us happy by Skip Pritchard.  There's countless posts on exercising and improving your health.  Happiness does wonders for you, and how you lead your life!

How to have a great vacation by Barking Up The Wrong Tree.  I keep reading stories about how people don't take vacations.  Why not?  Get away from it all, people.

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Six Steps to a great Morning (Besides coffee)


Top 7 Leaders to follow for a better work life

7?  Why not 10?  Well, David Letterman will always “own” Top 10 lists in my mind, so I’m going to truncate the list down to 7.

In leadership, there are many days (feels longer) that you feel like you’re on an island, and no one is experiencing what you’re facing.


You’re not alone.  What you’re facing is not the first time it’s happened.  Maybe some components are new, but the overall circumstances are not new.  “Nothing is new under the Sun.”

Over the years, I’ve read and subscribed to books and blogs of several leaders.  You may have heard from some of them, but maybe not all.

Below is my (current) Top 7 leaders that I follow, and the reasons why I do.  Note they’re not in any particular order of importance.

  1. Michael Hyatt  (Twitter) I’ve followed my “virtual mentor” for nearly a decade.  I originally was part of Thomas Nelson’s Book review program, when Michael was CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing.  His blog has grown over the years, and he publicly shares tips, tricks, ideas, etc on how to make yourself a better person and leader.  

  2. Jon Gordon (Twitter)   Jon is HUGE in Korea, lol.  (You’ll get that comment if you watch some of his speeches.)  Jon has published several books, and the common theme is positivity.  Life and leadership can beat you down, so choosing to be positive in your daily lives will help you become a better leader, and your teams will grow because of it.

  3. John C. Maxwell (Twitter)  I can’t thank Dr. Maxwell enough for his work, and gifts he has given to me, and leaders across the globe.  His down-home, Grandpa-like way about him creates a level of comfort, that makes you want to sit on the floor near him, and listen to his stories.  You’ll learn so much about life with Dr. Maxwell.

  4. Michael Levitt (Twitter)  Wait, I follow myself?  How does that work?  Am I going to refer to myself in 3rd person now?  Michael Levitt is AWESOME!  (Or at least that’s what I’ve been told.)  Why do I follow me?  Because I want to see what I’m doing to grow, to help others, to help myself (selfless not selfish) and to leave a positive footprint on this world.  

  5. Joseph Lalonde (Twitter) My leadership brother from the Mitten writes great posts about lessons every leader needs to hear.  Joseph will use pop culture movies and other things in society, and ties them to how to improve your leadership of others.  

  6. Dan Rockwell (Twitter)  Leadership Freak’s content always seems different than other leadership blogs.  When you look at several leadership posts from a variety of people, you will see similar posts, but Dan’s blog posts always seem to connect with me in a different way.  Well worth your time to subscribe.

  7. You.  You clicked on this blog post to see who you should follow, and one of those people is you.  You’ve come so far in your leadership journey, and if you’re anything like the others on this list, you want to become the best leader you can be.  Keep striving for that, because our world needs you.

Why Change Is Hard

Source: http://effectiveness.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/changes-ahead.jpg

Source: http://effectiveness.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/changes-ahead.jpg

Why do people avoid change?  Why do what on the surface seems like simple changes, cause such angst and fear?

Is it the unknown?  Did previous changes cause significant harm?  Are you too comfortable?

If society didn't change, the car you drove to work in today, wouldn't exist.  The computer or smart phone you're reading this post on wouldn't exist.  The keyboard I'm typing on (bluetooth, connecting to my MacBook) wouldn't exist.  The music I'm listening to on XM/Sirius Radio wouldn't exist.  Your ancestors wouldn't have had the opportunity to move and meet, therefore you wouldn't exist.

Change is necessary.  Change = growth.  Change means something could be better.  When you ask people would. you like things to be better, I'm guessing people wouldn't outright say no.

Many people gravitate to the status quo.  Going through the motions, because other aspects of their lives are in flux.  Maybe there's changes going on at home, their love live, health, who knows?  So when you roll out changes either at home or the work environment, there will be a natural defense to resist.  

I anticipate there will be significant changes in the world over the next few years.  Look back 10 years.  Have we changed since then?  Of course we have.  Guess what, change is as natural as breathing, as long as you embrace changes and focus on the positive outcomes.

Do you need help navigating changes in. your work or personal life?  Reach out to me and I'll be happy to help.

Be well!

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