Triage your Calendar

In my Create your Successful Morning e-book (available for free, when you sign up on, I talk about several tips to make your day start off great.  

If I had to pick my favourite (favorite for my American brethren) tip, it would be to triage your calendar.




When I began my career, I played an accountant. In that role, I would provide services to clients, and I had to track our time, down to 15 minute increments (one firm I worked for billed in 12 min increments.) It’s a habit that many would hate, but I keep track of every day, using a calendar on my laptop that syncs across my devices. I look at my calendar frequently (maybe too frequently), to see what I’ve worked on, and what’s next on my plate.

For a successful day, you should look at the next day the night before. This will mentally prepare you (or scare you) of what you have to face the next day. I also suggest looking at a week view of your calendar, to allow you to batch like-items together (when possible.)

A deeper subject is when to schedule tasks, meetings, and so forth through your day. Most of us in management do have some flexibility on our schedules, but even if you are front lines, you can work with your bosses to establish the best times to meet. My next book on making your schedule match your inner life with go deeper into this subject, with tools on how to discover the best times to perform tasks, hold meetings, and down time, to stay in rhythm with your soul. 

Be well!

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