4 Winning Posts I found Interesting

Hope you have had a great weekend, and are excited for the week ahead.  Be sure to refer to my Successful Morning checklist, to get a great start.  If you don't have that checklist, sign up to my e-mail by providing your email address on my home page.

Here's some posts I've seen over the past few days that I thought you'd like.  Cheers!

Better Than It Needs To Be By Seth Godin.  If you're not subscribing to Seth's blog, you should.  He blogs every day, and his posts often challenge you into becoming better.

17 Ideas for the modern world of work by Seth's AltMBA program.  See what I meant, by Seth challenging you?

Why Exercise makes us happy by Skip Pritchard.  There's countless posts on exercising and improving your health.  Happiness does wonders for you, and how you lead your life!

How to have a great vacation by Barking Up The Wrong Tree.  I keep reading stories about how people don't take vacations.  Why not?  Get away from it all, people.

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Six Steps to a great Morning (Besides coffee)