No (Legitimate) Excuses

I workout in the mornings.  I find that if I don't work out in the morning, the likelihood of me hitting the gym is slim and none, and we all know where none is.

This morning when my alarm went off, I felt some stiffness in my body (from yesterday's workout), and the "Excuse Monster" started talking to me.  You're sore.  Take a day off.  You worked out yesterday, blah blah blah.

I ignored the negative voice in my head, and went to the gym.  Even walking in to the exercise room, I still had this negative thought process of being sore, not wanting to workout, etc.

Then I saw a gentleman in a scooter lifting weights.  I see him from time to time in the area, so it wasn't a complete shock to see him this morning.  I don't know his condition, but my hunch is that he has limited to no usage of his legs.

My negative voice stopped that instant.  The "Positive Dog" in me started encouraging me, saying if this gentlemen, who cannot walk, is in the gym taking care of his body, then surely you can do the same.

Whatever struggles you are facing today, be sure to know that there are others struggling with a variety of issues.  Instead of letting the "woe is me" voice in your head take over, be positive and thankful that you can do the things you can do.  There's many people that wish they could.