Saturdoos. Tackle that Weekend To Do List Early

It's the weekend, and you have errands to run.  Along with the majority of the population.  When you live in an area with millions of people, prepare to be in traffic, stand in lines, etc.


Unless you get up earlier, and run your errands first thing in the morning.  You'll beat the crowds (that are sleeping in), and you'll be able to get what you want to, long before anyone else even starts that first cup of coffee.

Try it this weekend (or next, if you're reading this during the week.)  If you need to run errands on Saturday, get out the door just when the stores/places you need to visit open up.  You won't find a crowd (unless it's a game store that's selling the latest version of Call of Duty, then enjoy the line.)

You will get through your errands and be back home before the crowds show up.  Works every time, and you'll have the rest of your weekend day to read, write, or other activities that invest in YOU.

Be well!