Burnout from Passion? Take a Break

Burnout can lead to loss.  Don't let it happen to YOU.

Burnout can lead to loss.  Don't let it happen to YOU.

You want to change the world.  I know what that feels like.  I tried doing that a decade ago, and it nearly cost me my life.  Here's some tips to deal with burnout while following your passion.

Release.  Repeat.  Release.  What a great idea on transitioning between tasks.

Are you Introverted?  Hate conflict?  Here's some tips on how to navigate that challenge.

Make a boo-boo at work?  Here's how to avoid repeating the mistake.

Vacations are important (circle back to the burnout post further up this post.)  However, if you've burned (pardon the pun) through your vacation days, you can still recharge.


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