Leadership Posts: October 11, 2017


As a leader, I have found it helpful to see what other leaders are doing, new techniques that help them move the marker forward.  Below are some posts to help you accomplish that goal.

Why Leaders Shouldn't have their JOB define who they are:  I did this for years, and after 369 Days, I decided to change how I approach myself, and my work.

Employers need to focus on their employees' mental health:  Society is moving at a rapid pace. Keep tabs on your employees, especially their demeanor and look for performance trends.

Do you have a CEO Mindset?  You should.

Performance Appraisals.  Yes, I share your rotten stomach feeling about them.  Switch them up to be more frequent (I suggest monthly) 


Do you want a better start to your day? I have a free e-book on six easy steps to a better day, that I personally follow after I experienced a significant health scare. If you would like this free e-book, please click the link below.

Six Steps to a great Morning (Besides coffee)