Tuesday Thoughts


You can be an engaging and productive employee, without burning yourself out.  Learn how here

Many organizations have a professional development budget.  Here's how to ask for your fair share

Ever been a part of the never-ending email chain?  Here's how to politely end the conversation

You are a thought leader.  Here's proof.

Instead of having a case of the Mondays, take an active approach

Send verbose emails?  Do us all a favor and read this, please.

I've struggled with my weight for a good chunk of my life.  This article may break that chain for us.


Do you want a better start to your day? I have a free e-book on six easy steps to a better day, that I personally follow after I experienced a significant health scare. If you would like this free e-book, please click the link below.

Six Steps to a great Morning (Besides coffee)