Little Caesars Pizza Hired Me First

My first job (and probably one of my top 3 favorites) was with Felice Quality Market, in Waterford, Michigan.  This job gave me the customer service foundation on how to deal with people, how to be supportive and listen to people and their daily lives.  The leadership skills and experiences I've had, all have a foundation that I learned over 30 years ago.

A week before I was hired at Felice's, I was hired by Little Caesar's Pizza.  

My start day was to be on a Tuesday, and I was excited to start working for my first job (ok, I delivered a local paper for a little bit, but that for a kid is like pre-school, not real school.)  I received a phone call from Felice's and decided to take that role instead (best move ever.)

Mike Ilitch passed away today (February 10, 2017.). Mr. I as we call him in Detroit, founded Little Caesars in 1959, and now it's a multi-billion dollar organization.  Cheap pizzas to billionaire.  Not bad.

Mr. I was also the owner of the Detroit Red Wings, and during his time as owner, saw the team win 4 Stanley Cups, and they've made the playoffs for 25 consecutive seasons.  Mr. I also owned the Detroit Tigers, and saw that team go to two World Series, winning the American League Pennant in 2006, and 2012.  Thanks, Maggs!  

Mr. I invested in Downtown Detroit, before anyone else would.  His investments saved the downtown core from complete death.  I'm from there.  It was dead, and deadly.  He restored the Fox Theater, opened up Comerica Park, and invested in the area, revitalizing the area to an entertainment district.  

Many others are now investing in Detroit, but as I mentioned before, Mr. I did it first, when no one else would.  

Rest In Peace, Mr. I.