Living The Dream Life


This week I've been fortunate to spend a week in Florida.  For someone that lives in Toronto, a winter getaway is a great refresher.  

My week started off with a few days visiting my parents, that on February 25th will celebrate their 51st wedding anniversary.  My parents are to blame for all the success and and fun in my life, because they set the foundation to life a full life.

I'm speaking at the Dream Your Life Amazing conference in Orlando, which has me in a conference room, instead of the gorgeous golf courses that surround this resort.  

When you put in the hard work at the beginning, the payoff can be having the flexibility to golf (or pick your pleasure) wherever, and whenever you like.  Hard work will pay off, if you let it.

One of my favorite Internet memes I've seen lately is a picture of George Clooney, and it says "I haven't seen you at the club lately."  The response is classic:  "I haven't seen you at the bank lately."

What's your priorities today?  Are you working on your dream, or someone else's dream?

Be well!