Cold and Flu Symptoms Take Over

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I've come down with a cold (or flu like symptoms.) Cough (which for an asthmatic is normal), constant sneezing.  Aches, and feel lethargic.

Working in a medical clinic, I'm pleasantly surprised that I can avoid these types of ailments for most of the year.  

When I first told my parents I was going to work at a doctor's office 10 years ago, they said "you get sick all the time, you sure you want to work there?" Then followed up with "well, if you do, at least you won't have to go far to see a doctor."  My parents are funny.

The weather has been inconsistent over the past month, and toss in a week long trip to Florida (and airplane rides, which you hear people claim they get colds afterwards.) and I'm surprised I haven't been sick until now.

As with any adventures in life, sometimes you need to slow down and rest.  That's what the next few days will call for, because I don't need this bug to get full blown illness.  Too much to do ;)

Wash your hands, try not to touch your nose too much, rest, force liquids (Tomorrow's St. Patrick's day, in case you've been living under a rock.)

Be well (and get well, if you're down for the count like me.)