Technology Archive Purge

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For the last 10-15 years, I've had a Rubbermaid tote filled with CDs, DVDs, and old hard drives, that stored various documents, photos, music, movies, etc.  

This past weekend, I've finally ended the procrastination and started going through the drives, discs, floppy disks (yes, I still had those.) and started uploading to "The Cloud" the few things I really needed to keep (hint:  photos.)

I've lugged this stuff around in more moves than I care to admit, thinking one day that I'll go through them.

One day came on March 25th.  

What a boring and lethargic task, although I did find some great photos of my daughters when they were little, and a few pics of me back when I had hair.  

I didn't go down memory lane too much, as I don't find that helpful to me these days.  I'm looking and moving forward.  

Now that Rubbermaid tote is completely empty.  hard drives to be shredded, and one less box of stuff in my life.  

I feel a sense of relief and accomplishment.  

A bigger task will be sorting through all those photos and categorizing them, so they'll be helpful to family to use.  Another project for another day.

Are you putting off something, that you've been wanting to do for years?  Reach out to me at for encouragement.