Sergio Garcia : Winning The Masters The Ultimate Leadership Lesson


Sergio Garcia has been on the PGA tour (as a professional) since 1999.  18 years.  On April 9, 2017, Sergio finally won his first PGA Major tournament, and if you're going to win a golf tourney, The Masters is the one to win.

I couldn't be happier for Sergio, as he has has a career of coming very close to winning a Major, coming up short, time after time.  

Going into the Masters, I'm not sure that Sergio was on the list "Most likely to win The Masters this weekend."  Thankfully he didn't think about that.

Sergio's perseverence over his nearly two decade career paid off, and he forever will be the owner of the famous Green Jacket.  

How did Sergio win The Masters?  I previously mentioned perseverance, and also dedication to your craft.  Sergio plays a lot of golf.  He's better than he was in 1999.  

A crucial leadership skill is to be dedicated and be able to stand tall throughout all of the challenges that we face, day after day.  The media hasn't always been kind to Sergio, but he took the high road, and continued to play and show up.  That's half the battle.  Show up!

Another characteristic of leadership is being gracious in victory.  Sergio acted like he's been there before.  It was his first Major, but a novice golf fan wouldn't necessarily know that, unless they were listening to the announcers.  Be a professional in all that you do.  

Leadership is tough.  So's playing on the PGA tour.  Anyone that's played the game knows it's a lot harder than it looks.  Each hole has it's challenges, just like each day or situation leaders face.  Be prepared by knowing all that you can, trust your skills, and take your best shot.

Congrats Sergio!

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