Avoid The Shiny Objects

Source: Gerd Altman

Source: Gerd Altman

I was on a Speakers call with Grant Baldwin and other speakers on Wednesday, and a question came up about using a certain web tool for a speaker's website.  Grant asked why did that person want to use that particular tool, when it seemed to him (and likely others) that it didn't really serve the purpose of that particular website/platform.

There are so many distractions that we are exposed to, every day.  Kary Oberbrunner talks about this and indicates we are being hacked.  There are so many things that grab our attention, and takes our focus off of what we really should be doing.  

I'm in the middle of writing a book, and I've been "hacked" more times than I care to admit.  There's people, tweets, blogs, Instagram pics, e-mails, texts, etc. that say "look at me, Michael."

It's a game of virtual Whack-A-Mole, and you don't even get the tickets out of the machine #ChuckECheeseReference.

So last night, I looked at my e-mail box, and there were close to 400 unread e-mails.  I use e-mail filters so the items I need to focus on or retain are filed.  The rest were, to be honest, hacking my attention.  

I selected all of the messages in my inbox, and deleted them.  Then emptied the Trash (It's Trash Day!). 

I deleted hundreds of shiny objects.  My focus needs to be on speaking, and writing my book.  Period.

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Be well!