How To Create A Successful Morning - Journal

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I love to write. Whether it’s tweets, or longer posts it’s helpful for me to write that I’m thinking or feeling. Writing down what’s going on your life is good for the soul, as you can empty the things you’re thinking onto paper (or a tool like helps you shift those events to something that you can see and not just kept in your mind.  You don’t have to write a novel (or maybe you want to!) I tend to write about experiences from the day before, or things that come to mind. There’s no rules here, it’s your journal!

I do recommend one place to write, if you’re using technology. Our digital toolboxes can get as cluttered as a junk drawer, if you’re not methodical in what you do. I like Evernote, because I have the app on my phone, as well as my home laptop. The information syncs up across all of your devices, so you can pick up where you left off, no matter where you are.



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Six Steps to a great Morning (Besides coffee)