How To Create A Successful Morning - Pick Your Attire

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For an easy entrance into your day, I cannot recommend enough to pick out your clothes the night before.  Did you know your brain consumes calories, just like your body does? Why would you waste the precious morning brain power of starting your day strong, by wrestling of what to wear tomorrow?

If you live in a climate where the weather varies dramatically, then I suggest looking at your weather app the night before, to see what the temperatures will be the next day. In the spring and fall seasons where I live, the mornings can be cold, and afternoons warm, so layers are important.

One other Pro Tip I have for you on attire (works well for Men) is to standardize your clothing. Buy the same socks, undershirts, and underwear. Also have at least 2 weeks supply of each, so you’re not constantly needing to do laundry (another Pro Tip!) I have a preferred brand of undergarments and socks, and by having the same type of socks, laundry is a lot easier when matching up pairs of socks. Who wants to spend their lives trying to match up socks. Not this guy.

For slacks and shirts, there should be some variety, but go with the style and color (colour in Canada) that best fits you. Spend the money on quality attire, and they will last you a while. It will help you when you put on your clothes, that your attire will fit you the way you want them to. Be sure to mix up your shirts,, though. You don’t want people thinking you only have one shirt ;) It worked for Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg though, so if you can only have one kind of shirt, go for it, boss.



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