July 4th Thoughts: We can do better, America

The Declaration of Independence launched the separation from Great Britain on this day, in 1776.  The U.S. was at war with Great Britain at the time that the Declaration was approved on that special Thursday in Philadelphia.

Here we are 241 years later, and there's a great divide that impacts our country.  That divide is within.  

If you believe media reports, the country seems split right down the middle, on every subject under the sun.

I don't believe the media.  While I don't think they're lying to us, I do feel that their opinions have self-bias, and they will align with whatever political camp they were told to follow. #Sheep

My gut is that most of us have more in common, than differences.  We all want to have accessible and affordable healthcare when and where we need it.  We want our roads and infrastructure to be safe.  We want great education for our children.  We want to feel safe and protected when we are at home, work, the mall, etc.  We want a life where we can afford the things we need, and the opportunities to earn more, if we are willing to do what it takes to earn that living.

Social media gives us all a great platform, but I'm thinking instead of having normal, deep conversations, we're having 140 character rants.  Some of those comments are thought provoking, but many are the equivalent of leaving a flaming brown bag of 💩 on someone's front porch.  We can do better, America.

On this 4th of July, I encourage you to have conversations with people.  Don't be judgmental if their opinion differs from them.  Ask them why they feel the way they do, in a non confrontational way.  Listen.  Learn their perspective.  

United We Stand.  Divided We Fall.  Reunite, America.

Be well!


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