30 Days of Boundaries: Day 30 - The 369 Day System


Welcome to day 30 of the 30 days of Boundaries Series. I appreciate you all connecting and coming along this journey of what happened to me and the things that I do now to completely change how I go about my work life and my personal life. You can change your life in 30 days or less. There are many, many tools and tips that are available to you, they're out there.

However, as with anything, you can go to the hardware store and you can buy a tool and you can go home and you have this tool, but you may not know how to use it. That's where I come in. The 369 Day System that I have will help you navigate through the tools that I offer to help you get those boundaries in your life, to work through redesigning your work life, to redesigning your home life, the saying yes to the things you say yes to and no to the things you need to say no to.

It's important for you to have boundaries because if you don't, you'll have your own year of worst case scenarios. I see it happen time and time again. Everything that happened to me with the heart attack, the job loss, the car repossession and the home being foreclosed all were preventable, that I was responsible for those things happening. Yes, other parties were involved, but ultimately it was on me. My mission in life is to prevent that from happening to you.

The 369 System, it's not gonna take you 369 days. It's gonna take you less than that. There's many components of this system and one of the things that will be beneficial to you is the tools that we provide are gonna be easy to implement right away, from the interactions tracking mechanism to the must do tasks, to the ultimate to do list to a copy of my book, 369 Days. There's lessons in that book for you. A private Facebook group will also be available to you, where it will provide a safe zone for you, because often times, when we're struggling with issues in our life, we don't know who we can talk to. It's a safe zone, a judge free zone that will create an opportunity for you to ask questions and get answers not only from me, but your peers, and techniques that can help you reestablish those boundaries in your life to make sure that things are good to go.

Interruptions are crucial, I turn off all the notifications on my phone. I didn't use to, so my phone would be a sea of red dots with more or less every app that I use. I turned off all those notifications other than text messages and of course phone because I want those that are important to me can have access to me and I can respond to them in a timely fashion, but I don't need the notification on Instagram. I don't need the notification on Twitter or Facebook or any other apps, end of story.

What you want to do is make sure that you have boundaries in your life because when you do, you're gonna be able to live the life that you were designed to live. You wanna be able to live the life you want to live. No one wants to go through life and miss out on the things that they're missing out. They don't wanna miss their child's soccer practice or their daughter's recital or their play or an opportunity to go to a last concert or a sporting event that your friend got great tickets to. You don't wanna say I can't go because I got to work on this project, no, boundaries. Work on work while you're at work. Work on home when you're at home, be free to be able to do things.

This system's gonna help you. The 369 Day System, when I teach it individually, one on one with people, the cost exceed $10,000. It's not quick work, but it's efficient work and it'll make a gigantic change in your life in a very short period of time. So, no the product is not $10,000. That's not how this system works. The system is priced at $2,997, that's $2,997. Normally it would be well over $10,000. It's priced at $2,997 for a reason, because at that price point, more people are gonna be able to impact their lives and I'll be able to impact as many people as possible because as I said before, my mission in life is to save as many people as possible from have their own year of worst case scenarios like I did.

It's not fun losing your job. It's definitely not fun having a heart attack. It's horrible to have your family vehicle taken away from you and the loss of your home, it's your home, it's catastrophic and it's very devastating emotionally and physically. It's like where am I gonna put all my stuff now, so you can avoid all of that by having boundaries in your life and making the right choices.

The system will have all of the tools that I had mentioned, the interruptions, tracking list, the must do tasks, a copy of the book, the Facebook group, access to me, and access to the group to be able to ask questions and work through these changes, tools on how to speak to your boss, tools to speak to your partner or your spouse. When you're making a life change, you probably want to let them know that you're doing it because if you do something completely different than what you normally do, you're gonna confuse a lot of people. So, communication tips on how to do this.

The link here will provide the ability to signup for this package and then we'll get you into the private Facebook group and get you moving. If $2,997 is too steep of a one time price, we do have payment options available as well, because I want you to be able to get into this. I need you to do this. Not for me, I'm good, I have a great life, I want you to have a great life too. So, click here, and we will see you on the other side.

Be well.